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agenda management software for the agenda manager

The Agenda Manager

When you’re always being asked to do more with less, it can be hard to get agendas created with current resources. Last minute changes don’t help either. An agenda management system can streamline this process for you. Just a few clicks and your agenda and packet are automatically recreated.

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  • Do more with less

    When staff and time are in short supply, MunicodeMeetings can help get more done with less.

  • Minimal budget requirements

    In times of shrinking budgets, using MunicodeMeetings agenda management software is like having an additional employee on staff.

  • Easy agenda updates

    Create your packets at the click of a button and your agenda and packet are automatically recreated.

The IT Manager

Soft costs, such as your IT staff’s time managing the on-premise solution, can amount to a very large figure. With an agenda management solution based in the cloud and support managed with the provider, MunicodeMeetings offers a secure and easy way to manage agenda creation, while still maintaining administrative control.

Explore the features
agenda management software for IT professionals
  • Reduced support burden

    With MunicodeMeetings, all support requests and tickets are routed through us. So any issues that might arise with agenda creation are handled directly by us.

  • Zero setup requirements

    MunicodeMeetings works directly with the Agenda manager to set up the software and train the people involved in the agenda creation process.

  • Instant upgrades

    Everything is run on the browser or in the cloud, so upgrades are easy and instantaneous. MunicodeMeetings consistently delivers new functionality at no charge.

agenda management software for the administrator

The Administrator

When allocating budgets for projects that fall within the budget and provide the greatest return can be challenging, especially when you’re also trying to increase government transparency and manage your city staff’s agenda process. MunicodeMeetings can help with all three!

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  • Increase government transparency

    Instantly provide your constituents with all the meeting information they desire.

  • Agenda process visibility

    Easily track and push approvals for items that must be on the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

  • Live Streaming Video

    Are you still paying for live video streaming? That’s so 2005! MunicodeMeetings can show you how to live stream the video from your meetings for free with YouTube or LiveStream.

“MunicodeMeetings provides us an affordable, easy and effective way to streamline and automate our agenda process saving us time and money.” – Joanna Gutierrez, Town Clerk, Town of Paradise, CA

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