3 Key Benefits of Agenda Management Software

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benefits of agenda management software

benefits of agenda management softwareWatch an agenda management software demonstration and you will quickly see that there are many benefits of agenda management software. The time and cost savings alone can justify the relatively low cost of most of these systems. However, many people responsible for putting the meeting agenda together may ask what are the key benefits that they will reap by using agenda management software.

Below, we’ve outlined our thoughts on the 3 key benefits of agenda management software to those responsible for the meeting agenda.

1. Single Click Agenda and Packet Creation
Typing up and agenda then standing in front of a copier to print out all attachments is frustrating and time consuming. Even if you have already gone electronic with your agenda, converting files to PDF and scanning paper documents still takes a large amount of time. In addition to all this, you are typically chasing down items for approval up until the last minute. Once you think you are done, someone comes in with a last minute change request which creates hours of more work for you.

The first of our key benefits of agenda management software is the relative ease in which you can create your agenda and packets. Simply drop the items into a meeting, arrange them per your order of business, and then click a button and the agenda and packet are automatically created for you. Even if someone comes in at the last minute asking for a change to the agenda, your new agenda and packet are just a few more clicks away.

2. Automated Publishing of Your Agenda and Packet to Your Website
Once you’ve finished creating your agenda, you typically have to chase down your IT or website team to have them post it on the website for you. In many cases, specifically if you are creating your agenda and packet up until the last minute, your IT staff feels burdened as they have to stay late at the office until you are finished. Even if you have access to your website to post the agenda and packet yourself, this takes you additional time outside of your agenda creation process.

Our second key benefit of agenda management software is the ability to post the agenda to your website at the click of a button. Most agenda management systems sync with your website. Once you are up and running, any time you need to post an agenda or packet to your website, simply click a button. Need to recall the agenda and take it off of the website, simply click another button to pull it back down.

3. Nothing Slips Through the Cracks
A last minute rush to track down an item that hasn’t been approved yet in order to get the item on the agenda is always a stressful exercise. Manual processes are prone to error. It is that plain and simple. There is always the potential that an item simply drops off of your radar or there is an item that you were not made aware of.

The third of our key benefits of agenda management software is the centralized tracking and approval that an agenda management system provides. All items submitted are tracked. Therefore, you’ll never get any surprise items that need to get on the agenda.

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