5 Spooky Tricks for an Efficient Agenda Creation Process

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Creating an agenda with your team doesn’t have to be a scary process fraught with efficiency eating zombies. We’ve put together 5 treats to alleviate the tricks that can delay even the best efficient agenda manager and their team.

1. Cut down on the back and forth emails – Confusion and miscommunication can ensue when there are multiple back and forth emails in a team for a particular project. With agenda management, there can be many moving pieces and trying to keep all of the communication for each piece organized can be almost impossible. Simplify communication with instant alerts and tasks within a single cloud-based system. Consequently, this will help keep all communication organized and collected around the associated documents and tasks and eliminate confusion.

2. Include notes on what is needed – When time is short and deadlines are approaching, it might seem easier to just send over a document and assume the recipient understands their action required. In a perfect world this would always be the case, but unfortunately, items can slip through the crack. Be sure to include all necessary details and instructions in conjunction with the document or item when sending any document or task to someone of you team. Be clear and concise on what is needed for each step.

3. Never let items slip through the cracks – Make sure items and documents never fall through the cracks by having and maintaining visibility throughout the agenda management process. When you and your team have a finger on the pulse of activity, the status of documents and tasks, and what’s been completed, it’s easier to track and maintain all of the pieces of an agenda. Easily see agenda items that are outstanding and take action to ensure agenda completion.

4. Team Check In Meetings – In addition to managing your agenda creation process in the cloud, and keeping track of progress from one platform, it’s important to maintain a face-to-face check in with your team. Determine the right cadence for your team. Sometimes once a week is all that is needed and sometimes it’s on a more frequent basis. It’s important to set up recurring meetings to check in on the overall agenda status and process.

5. Be transparent in the cloud – Barriers to completion like managing your agenda creation process on paper, and sending communication and tasks outside of a single system, can get in the way of an efficient agenda management process. You can achieve transparency and efficiency by moving your documents, tasks, and communication to the cloud and automating the entire process.

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