AgendaPal Improves Efficiency in Dawson County, GA

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AgendaPal was recently featured in the October issue of the Georgia County Government magazine as a result of the amazing efficiency Dawson County has seen since the adoption our agenda management software.

Daniellle Yarbrough, Dawson County clerk and human resources director tells ACCG about her experience before and after adopting AgendaPal.

“Before AgendaPal, countless hours were spent printing hard copies of agenda packets for commissioners and the press, only to have to do it all over again to correct last minute changes. ‘Now changes can be done with the click of a mouse,’ says Yarbrough.”

Dawson County made the transition from a cumbersome paper and manual process for tracking their agendas, to an automated agenda management process, in February 2015. Since then they have been able to streamline their entire department for agenda management. In addition to single-click publishing and automated approval routing, AgendaPal is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

“Instead of using clunky or confusing converters and re-formatting text, the software’s automation saves Dawson County hours.”

Now, a single online document is generated and routed for approval automatically, changes can be done in the cloud from their desk, and when it’s time to push the agenda live, AgendaPal allows for single-click publishing.

“Yarbrough notes the unexpected side effect of having such a dramatic change in their agenda management system – the overwhelming approval of the Dawson citizens and their perception of political events. Government transparency remains a consistent topic; however, Dawson County citizens no long have concerns about discussion points when they attend meetings with commissioners. Thanks to AgendaPal’s single click publishing, Dawson County publicizes their agendas so that citizens have access to the same information as commissioners.”

To read out the full article, check out the October issue of Georgia County Government.

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