An Agenda Management Valentine

agendapalAgenda Management

Agenda Love Limerick
Although few receive the limelight
The government clerk is downright
One of the oldest public positions
That does the work and power the engine
That ensures local government runs right.

Preparing agendas is no small task,
With last minute changes often the ask.
Tracking items, monitoring status,
Chasing down approvals, following a lattice
Of versions and notes, a supertask.

One day, with papers flying through the air
A solution presented, chaos beware!
Is there validity in love at first sight?
Some say no, others might be right
Who cares, its an agenda management affair!

Suddenly streamlined, the process becomes,
Automated approval routings goes to some,
Others sign off, no changing frustration
Automatic agenda and packet creation
Single click publishing, the mouse goes “Thrum”!

Head over heels, support is a breeze,
No longer searching for answers, just ease.
Granular security, all done from the cloud,
Video tagging and minutes allowed,
AgendaPal and clerks, valentines? Yes, please!

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