Tips for Increasing Transparency in Local Government


Government Transparency

Government TransparencyWhile government transparency at the national level is important, it is at the sate and local levels, where residents rely on information from their city council, that transparency is especially imperative.

In today’s digital age, leveraging software as well as available electronic distribution channels are great ways to distribute important information and engage your constituents.

One of the most important ways local government can increase transparency is through ease of accessing critical information. There are different methods to distributing information, some more important than others.

When providing information to your constituents, it is crucial to display that information in a format that is easy to view and digest. One way to do this is by moving from paper to digital formats. Providing electronic versions of your city council meeting agenda, corresponding documents, and minutes, is a great way to provide transparency within your local government.

Another easily digestible format for local residents is video. By providing archived videos of meetings, along with tagging features so that the viewer can jump to the section they care about, clarity into the inner workings of local government can be achieved.

Along with transitioning to providing digital options to constituents, it is important that the location of these materials is easily accessible. An updated government website, with easily navigable pages, can be a signal to residents that their government is striving to make information readily available to them.

In addition to making sure that information is easy to find and easy to access, engaging with constituents through various available channels is another great way to increase government transparency.

Leveraging social media channels is a great way to open up dialogue and increase engagement with local residents. Although more casual, the interaction between local government leaders and constituents on platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a great step towards increasing transparency.

Continuing to have steady cadence of open forums and public meetings is of course essential to increasing transparency and engaging the public. Just make sure that these events are documented and all related information and minutes are made available in an easy to access and digest format.

Finally, another great way to show the public that a government has their best interest at heart is to institute satisfaction surveys. This is an easy step to making sure that not only is the public voice and concerns heard, but it is a wonderful opportunity for local government to increase visibility into changes that are implemented as a result of constituent engagement.

Instituting these best practices and leveraging the appropriate software and distribution channels can help local governments both increase transparency and gain public confidence. For more information on how AgendaPal can help, check out some of our features or request a demo today.