It’s Been a Busy Winter, We’re Looking Forward to Spring!

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AgendaPal Updates

It has been a busy winter for all of us here at AgendaPal. After completing our new HTML5 interface late last year, we received a great deal of positive feedback from our customers. But we didn’t stop there! We’ve have been busy solidifying AgendaPal as the best agenda and meeting management software on the market! Over the past few months, we’ve made a number of enhancements to the system. We wanted to share our progress this past winter with you. Below is a high level summary of what we have released recently.

Private/Confidential Agenda Packets
There are times when you need to make certain documents available in the agenda packet for your Board, Commission, or Council but can’t make them available to the public. For instance, materials for a closed session or litigation files are commonly excluded from the agenda packet you make available to the public. In the past, you would have to create the packet with all of the documents, download it, then email it to the Council. Then, you would mark those documents to be excluded from the packet, recreate it, and post to the web for the public. With our new public and private packets feature, this process becomes much easier!

When this new feature is enabled, you will see 4 options for your item file attachments versus the original 2 options. The options are: Include in all packets, only private packet, only public packet, and exclude for all packets. The options are depicted by the icons in the screenshot below. You can click the icon to toggle the option.

On the Meeting Output tab, you will also see a new option for the private packet that works the same as the standard public packet option. This is where you can create the private packet.

Legislator Interface
We released out legislator interface which allows your legislator to access all meeting documents in a password-protected environment. Leveraging this new interface, your legislator can easily access private/confidential agenda packets directly. You no longer have to send them via email!

Archive/Lock Items and Meetings
This feature ensures that users without the appropriate permissions can’t change anything in a meeting once you’ve have created your agenda or minutes. Similar in function to the existing ‘Lock Item’ feature, you can lock/archive an entire meeting. It is recommended that you do this after the meeting has passed to ensure that no changes are made to the meeting. Please note, when you lock/archive a meeting, it locks all items that are assigned to that meeting. If you have the appropriate permissions, you can unlock the meeting or items to make changes. You can lock a meeting from the meeting detail screen by clicking the lock icon as shown below:

Published Meeting Document Email Notifications
AgendaPal has always allowed to you publish your meeting documents to your website so that the public can access them. We’ve now delivered the ability for the public to subscribe to email notifications. No, this is not like some of the other solutions out there where the public would need to figure out how to link to an RSS feed in order to receive an email. With AgendaPal, the public signs up the system will automatically send them an email whenever you publish a meeting document.

We have been busy delivering all of this functionality and more. The best part? Since we are a cloud-based solution, all of our customers get the updates when they are deployed automatically. There is no upgrade process or associated costs.

As we move into Spring, we are excited to release our new roll call, voting, and enhanced minutes features. This new functionality gives clerks/agenda managers great new tools to efficiently run their meetings. It also provides legislators with a simple way to cast their votes during the meeting from any device.