The Hidden Costs of Agenda Management Solutions

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Hidden Costs of Agenda Management SystemsSo you’ve been window shopping public meeting agenda management systems over the past few years and get really excited about all of the benefits…if you only had the budget. But this year, you’ll finally have the budget! You can’t wait to get to automating your meeting process, agendas, packets, and minutes. When you start to reach out to providers for quotes, you’re surprised by some costs that you didn’t expect.

As with any software or system purchase, it is important to assess all of the costs associated with it. Unfortunately, when it comes to agenda management software, many of the costs are hidden. Download our quick guide to make sure that you understand all of the costs associated with your agenda management software.

Hardware – Not only do you have to foot the bill for the server hardware, but also the time for your staff to manage that hardware. Those costs can add up very quickly.

Third Party Software – Some agenda management solutions may require the purchase or use of third party software in order to run.

Software Upgrades – When it comes to on-premise solutions, upgrades are usually not free. If they are, you still have to pay for someone to implement the upgrade.

Startup Costs – Most SaaS agenda management providers charge you a startup fee. You get lured by a seemingly low monthly price, only to find out that you have to pay a sizable startup fee for the pleasure of doing business with them.

Implementation & Configuration – This is where hidden costs can really get out of control. In addition to any startup costs, you will very likely have to pay for implementation and configuration of the agenda management system.

User Training – If the vendor charges for training, the cost is typically not hidden. However, after the initial training, make sure that you account for having to pay for training again when you hire new staff.

Support Costs – With many agenda management solutions, someone in your organization must be the first line of support for the solution. This cost needs to be included in your overall cost assessment.

Marriage (and Divorce) Costs – These are the costs related to the term of your agreement with the vendor. Most agenda management vendors require a minimum of a one-year agreement.

The benefits of an agenda management system is important to assess when selecting one for your organization. However, it is just as important to assess all of the costs (even the hidden ones) to make sure that you are selecting the best solution for your organization.

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