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Video Transcript

Hello everyone! All of us at AgendaPal are really excited about the recent release of our new version and I wanted to share a few highlights of that new version with you. We are still 100% cloud-based so there is no IT burden. Everything still runs up in the AgendaPal cloud.

As you can see, the agenda management system login page has changed slightly. We also give you the option of using the legacy version of the system. We will maintain the legacy version of the system for some time and we will definitely notify you before we pull any functionality from the legacy version of the AgendaPal client. But we definitely feel that this new client provides much more in the way of user experience and it will let you complete your tasks in the system a lot more quickly.

So, let’s jump right in and I will log into the system to show you what’s new. As you can see when we log in, the system, has not changed that dramatically. It does look a little bit cleaner and more modern. One of the major changes that we have had with the solution is that it is now 100% HTML5 which means that you can use it in any browser, on any device. Whether it’s your iPad, your Mac, your PC, it really doesn’t matter. You can access AgendaPal using any browser, on any device, at any time because, again, we are based in the cloud.

With this new browser interface, we have developed what is called a responsive interface. So here I am accessing it using Google Chrome on a PC. You can see that I have a pretty large amount of screen real estate. You can see it is setting up the areas of the system, or functionality in the system, in two columns. However, if I were to access it from a tablet or a phone, for example, it would go ahead and rearrange those to stack top/bottom so that we can make the most use of the real estate that we have on the screen. So, again, any browser, on any device, you can go ahead and access and work through your AgendaPal tasks.

I also want to walk through a couple additional features, specifically as it pertains to file management in the system. I am going to go ahead and add an item here. I’ll select a sample meeting type. I give the item a name as I would I the previous system. Here I will enter some random text for my agenda content. Then I am going to go down to the file attachments area and I have two options here: we added the ability to drag and drop your files you can also still click the button to upload and browse. In either case, we also now support multiple file upload. So rather than uploading your files one at a time, you can select all of your files, go ahead and click open, and the system will queue them up. All four have been uploaded. Then we simply submit the item and the system will let us know that the item has been successfully submitted. We can then move on and continue to add additional items.

This is just one of many, many features that we have added to the system that makes it a lot easier for you to work within the solution. However, we have kept a lot of the same great interface and same great functionality that has come to grow on you with AgendaPal. For example, our item detail screen still gives you access to all of the information you need right at your fingertips, working through workflows just the same as you have in the past.

So that’s it! Stay tuned for additional feature videos where we will begin to run through the end-to-end functionality within the new client. We hope you love it just as much as we do! Have a great day!