Top Reasons To Take Your Agenda Management Process Paperless

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It’s no secret that paper-based processes power government services and programs. Everything from handling benefits claims to filing for a building permit requires paper.

Preparing an agenda for a meeting doesn’t have to be one of them. Removing the need for tangible, continuous revisions of agendas not only helps with your department’s efficiency, it cuts down on wasteful usage of paper in the process.

Below are 3 reasons to take your agenda management process from endless piles of paper to a 100% cloud-based automated process.

More paper doesn’t equal more transparency
Putting together an agenda and making it available to the public is a crucial step in increasing government transparency. The endless amounts of paper used to route approvals and make changes to the agenda can not only hinder efficiency, it can delay getting an agenda published. By automating the agenda management process in a 100% cloud based solution, publishing an agenda for the public to review is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Paper slows down the agenda process
Every time a change is made along the agenda management process, or an approval is needed, paper must be printed and disseminated to the appropriate parties. This manual processes of moving documents around can be time consuming for an already overworked staff. Pushing these changes electronically instantly moves the process from a slow, outdated speed to an incredibly efficient process.

Tracking with paper reduces visibility
Moving from paper to the cloud for your agenda management process helps increase internal transparency and accountability. Documents are traceable and easy to keep track of. Tracking the document flow with paper is a manual process that increases errors and reduces visibility into the status of approvals.

Move your city to an automated, 100% cloud based agenda management solution and remove the problems that come with managing your agenda on paper. Learn how at

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