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Working in IT has its up and downs. While the challenge and rapid change of the industry may have attracted you to a career in information technology, slim budgets and lack of enough staff may sometimes create a burden and make you wish that you had decided to do something else.

If you have an I.T. role in a municipality or other taxpayer-funded organization, you also have a layer of bureaucracy that you have to manage your way through in order to provide the best service to your organization.

The problems you face on a day to day basis are stressful. The number of physical servers, cloud servers, and workstations you have to manage is continually increasing, but your budget doesn’t increase at the same pace. Your organization has too many systems for you and your staff to handle. Some of these systems are dated, legacy systems that you are constantly having to babysit. Even worse, your software vendors aren’t really a big help as you have to take on the majority of the technical support burden for their systems. Even if everything is running smoothly, you have to continually be reactive to help desk requests. In some cases, these requests are for something as simple as a password reset.

You have more on your plate than you can handle…then you hear that budget has been approved for a new system. Ugh!

Maybe it’s time to take a hard look at your vendors. Today’s cloud-based solutions can take a very large burden off of your shoulders.

When it comes to implementing a new agenda management system or meeting management system, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Our system, AgendaPal, creates zero I.T. burden.

Let’s first look at servers. You’ll have none. AgendaPal is a 100% cloud-based software as a service solution. There is no software to install and no servers to manage. Users simply need a web browser and internet connection to access all of the system’s functionality. Worried about system uptime and security? No need to worry. Our system is hosted across secure, redundant data centers in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Now you may be thinking that even if you use a cloud solution you will still have to bear the additional burden of support when it comes to configuration or user assistance. With some cloud solutions, this may be the case. However, with AgendaPal, you don’t have to lift a finger. Our service includes unlimited configuration and support for the system. Users can contact us, day or night, to get what they need. This frees up your time for more important things.

So, if you hear that your organization is going to be purchasing another system, don’t fret if it is an agenda management solution. AgendaPal has your back!

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